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4521 Karnack Hwy

Marshall, TX 75670


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Choices residential treatment program, located in Marshall, Texas, focuses on adolescents who abuse substances and addresses related psychiatric disorders. The treatment plan is related to the developmental coping sells of the adolescent, some of which will be taught for the first time. With proper treatment of concurrent emotional and behavioral problems, chemically abusing or dependent adolescents can resume productive lives free of all mind altering substances, continue in their growth process and effectively address their developmental task. Choices is suitable for adolescents requiring 24 hour monitoring and long term residential care in a structured therapeutic community. These services are provided for male and female clients ages 13 to 17.
Adolescent services are designed to achieve permanent changes in an adolescent’s life. To accomplish this, Choices addresses major developmental, lifestyle, attitudinal and behavioral issues which can undermine the goals of treatment or inhibit the individual’s ability to cope with major life or developmental tasks without the non-medical use of psychoactive substances. Treatment plans are individualized based on comprehensive assessment results. Goals are addressed and implemented in therapeutic modalities utilizing; individual, group, and family counseling.

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