Capstone Treatment Center

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P.O. Box 8241

Searcy, AR 72145


Company Description

Capstone is a licensed residential treatment program serving troubled young men (14-24) who struggle with chemical dependency, substance abuse, sexual addiction, trauma, family conflict, and personal problems including loss, hurt, anger, abuse, depression, low self-esteem, defiance and a rebellious attitude. The average length of stay is approximately 3–3.5 months.

The Capstone Mission: Since 2001 the Capstone team has joined families in the battle for their sons to grow into young men with successful lives, purposes, and relationships. The purpose will entail things that are connected to the gifts divinely given to the individual.

The relationships include self, family, God, friends and grows to wife, children, and humanity. To win this battle, a young man must find his “true self” as described by John Eldredge in Wild at Heart. Addictions, trauma, and other issues keep him from fulfilling his purposes. This sets the stage for Capstone Treatment Center in beginning their healing and recovery journey.

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