Camp Huntington

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56 Bruceville Road

High Falls, NY 12440


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Camp Huntington was established in 1961 as a privately owned residential summer camp for boys and girls (6-21yrs.) with hidden abilities. They serve campers with Learning and Developmental Disabilities, ADD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Apsperger’s, PDD, and other special needs. The program is specifically designed to focus on Adaptive and Therapeutic Recreation. Children will experience the joys of a fun-filled summer in a beautiful country setting. They provide the highest level of care by special education professionals. A leader in special camps for kids for 46 years.
Since its outset, Camp Huntington has successfully developed a unique program that caters to individual needs and cultivates personal growth. The comprehensive program emphasizes development of social skills, independent living, vocational orientation and speech and language ability. Those who have attended other regular or special camps without effective response have found their new experience at Huntington to be particularly rewarding and beneficial.

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