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Bonneville Canyon Retreat is a life skills learning center that specializes in helping young men and women (ages 18 and over) find the path that leads to a successful and positive life. The residential programs will help youth transition into independent living. Through daily activities and therapeutic interactions each student is able to identify their issues and find the strength to make changes. Programs provide a supervised structured environment combining counseling, positive reinforcement, independent living, goal planning, job skills, schooling and outdoor activities. Since 1998, Bonneville Canyon Retreat has been successfully treating young adults with a variety of behavioral, psychological and social issues. Post Rehab and Court Alternative treatment options are available.
Bonneville offers a caring environment where youth can grow, learn and heal. They combine education, nutrition and exercise to create a holistic program that empowers youth to make needed changes. Activities include job skills training, counseling, outdoor activities, college credits, and high school diploma. The men’s house is located in Belfast, Maine and the women’s facility is in Prospect, Maine.

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