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Beartooth MT Ascent is unique in that it is a real working (with approximately 500 head) cattle ranch located in Wyoming. Through the real work involved in ranching they give each young man who comes to Beartooth MT Ascent the opportunity to learn new skills, such as driving tractors, irrigating fields, carpentry, mechanizing, introduction to semi-driving, plant identification, animal husbandry, and all aspects of caring for beef cattle.
Unlike other boot camps, brat camps, military schools or wilderness therapy programs, Beartooth MT Ascent integrates Reality Therapy into every element of the troubled young man’s everyday life. Beartooth MT Ascent Program has a proven 81.3 percent change in most areas of the young man’s behavior patterns. Many parents report that they see a major improvement in their son’s respect for authority and in his respectful and loving manner of relating with family members.

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