ABM Academy

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PO Box 100 / RR 3 Box 34725

Piedmont, MO 63957


PO Box 100 / RR 3 Box 34725

Piedmont, MO 63957


Company Description

ABM Lighthouse Christian Academy is a private Christian boarding school for boys located on 250 acres in southeast Missouri. They provide school year round with an average of 30 students. Student to Teacher ratio is ten to one, with over 80 % of the students on the honor roll. Recreational activities include sports, work projects, farm animals, recreation, and independent living. ABM offers a planned approach to address many of the needs of teenagers. ABM works with students to help them set goals and develop a life plan. Mentoring is available to help teenagers grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually! Programs assist teens in developing strong character, self-discipline and a healthy mental attitude along with building healthy relationships. ABM provides a college preparatory academic program.

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