Why Choose a Residential Program for Troubled Teens

The thought of sending your teen to a residential program may seem scary, but outpatient services can be ineffective when dealing with some of the more alarming issues. If you have exhausted everything you can think of, and are still having problems with your troubled teen, considering a residential program can be a lifesaver.

There are several programs available to teens, and below are the different types and the advantages of some of these options.

Inpatient Therapy Centers. These types of centers are best for teens dealing with issues related to alcohol or drug abuse. Dedicated staff that includes nurses, doctors, regular therapy and the latest medical equipment are used to get your teen away from alcohol and drug use and put them on a path to recovery. Taking them outside of their regular environment not only cuts off their access to these products but allows them to focus on round-the-clock care to figure out why the addiction came to be in the first place.

Teen Wilderness Programs. These types of programs are designed for teens with issues ranging from substance abuse to violent behavior and academic struggles. Taking your teen out of their normal environment and into nature can teach them important survival skills, and let them focus on treatment without the distractions of social media. It also allows them to form closer bonds with peers going through similar struggles, and with their therapists.

Teen Christian Programs. Teens with a sense of spirituality may benefit from one of many Christian-run therapy programs. These programs focus on healing your teen from within, while also using more scientific medical practices in tandem with their spiritual ones. While residential programs can be costly, Christian run programs often may offer more financial aid to struggling families.

Teen Military Programs. When your teen is having trouble with outbursts of emotion, violent behavior or following guidelines, military programs may be the answer. These camps are disciplined, organized and willing to do the work you may not know how to do to get your troubled teen back on the right path. Offering structure, close relationships and valuable life skills are just some of the advantages of choosing military programs.

Outpatient services can cause a disconnect between your teen and their therapy because as soon as they are done with their session, they are forced to return to their stressful environment. Taking them away from these toxic worlds, and immersing them in a world of therapy and like-minded peers can help them find long-term solutions to their issues.


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