Three Ways to Help Curb Your Teen’s Anxiety During Covid-19

Supporting a troubled teen with anxiety can be concerning even in the best of times. As many U.S. States continue to grapple with Covid-19, teens with anxiety disorders may be feeling stressed and concerned more than ever. Parents and siblings who don’t suffer from anxiety may find the condition hard to comprehend. But for those that do, it can be unbearable and very antagonizing, especially during a global pandemic.

Most people are recognizing the stress a pandemic can create. With social distancing, shuttered schools and businesses, and temporary closed services and medical care, it’s almost a given that online programs for teens (or virtual troubled teen services) are great resources to consider. Additionally, according to The Venture Academy, there are other measures parents can take to ease their anxious teen and help them cope with these challenging times.

1. Educate Your Teen About Substance Abuse

The experts at The Venture Academy state that an anxious teen may over react during an unfamiliar pandemic and may try to find ways to self-medicate by abusing current medication, taking illegal substances or drinking alcohol to stay calm.

Talking to your anxious teen about the inevitable troubles of self-medicating is the first step. It may also be a good idea to closely monitor their medication, conceal alcohol or prescriptions in the home, and be more aware of their actions outside of the house.  While these steps may not curb the anxiety, it can help prevent a bigger problem and the anxiety to become much worse.

2. A Happy Household May Help  Calm Anxiety

It’s tough and stressful for families staying indoors with limited access to outdoor activities and social events. However, in the case of the lockdown, it’s suggested to try and maintain a clean, calm and quiet household to offset anxiety.  Ensuring that your teen has routine household chores to do may alleviate stress by staying busy. Also, a chaotic household may only worsen your teen’s stressful condition.

3. Simple Communication

Constantly communicating with your teen so they understand everything will help keep their anxiety at bay. Additionally, the constant media frenzy involving the escalating Covid-19 cases and number of climbing deaths (with no effective vaccine in sight) is always being reported. So, perhaps limit exposure to the media and always be sure to mention the positive news when it develops.

While these are just a few of the means of helping your anxious teen during the outbreak, perhaps encourage them to visit online programs for teens, virtual therapy, or anxiety forums to help off-set some of the effects of their current anxious condition.

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