Three Reasons Why Working at a Christian Summer Camp Will Change Your Teen

The summers spent during high school and college are often one’s spent interning in various workplaces or taking extra academic classes to get ahead in their studies. Many teens fail to consider one of the most fun and exciting opportunities to spend their summers growing into the adults they plan to be. A Christian summer camp provides the ideal setting to serve, lead, grow and learn. There are so many benefits to working in a teen Christian program for the summer. Here are just a few.

  • Friendship – Friendships are essential to adolescents. Friendships help to shape teenagers’ identity as well as provide needed Camp counselors work and live together throughout the summer. They bond together over shared jobs, shared activities and shared experiences. Camp counselors often leave camp with friendships which will last throughout their lifetimes. These healthy, Christian friendships will shape your teenager for the better and expand their peer network.
  • Leadership – Spending time working in a teen Christian program gives young adults opportunities to serve and mentor the younger camp-goers. There are many different jobs in which to serve, and an individual can find an area where they feel comfortable to lead, whether it be through sports, crafts, games, or administration. It’s very rewarding to be a person to whom younger individuals admire and respect. Camp counselors usually room with younger campers and provide advice and encouragement to the campers.
  • Adventure – From water sports to equestrian activities, to zip lines and archery, there are many fun activities in which to participate. A summer spent engaging in recreational sports will breed both confidence and bravery into your teenager.  If outdoor activities aren’t your teenager’s cup of tea, many teen Christian programs offer courses with music, Bible study, art and dance. Your teen will able to choose their own adventures as they shape their ideal summer and work towards becoming a competent, confident adult.

If your teen is ready to grow in leadership, create long-lasting friendships while having daily adventures with fellow counselors and campers, consider looking into a reputable teen Christian program today. A beautiful, blessed summer awaits!

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