Three Basic Signs of Troubled Teen Behavior

Defiance, verbal aggression, withdrawal from family, seeking independence, the list of issues during adolescent among teens sometimes seems endless. While challenging to say the least but perfectly natural, when – as a parent – should you begin to worry that there’s a deeper behavioral problem? Most importantly, are there specific signs of troubled teen behavior?

The answer is yes.

Of course, there are many troubled teen programs and even online programs for teens that parents can resort to. However, as a solid starting point here four strong indicators that your child’s adolescence behavior maybe actually signs of more serious behavioral problems.

  1. Radically Changing Behavior

Classifying your teen’s changing behavior as just being “part of the adolescence” is common among parents. However, according, extreme aggression, sadness, anxiety, severe mood swings – to name just a few – are all apparent signs of troubled teen behavior. Another red flag is sudden underperformance in school (or your teen frequently skips school altogether), lack of interest in activity, and extreme distance from family.

  1. Extreme Change in Appearance

It’s should come as no surprise (nor is it abnormal) when your teen begins to experiment with their style, including their clothing, hair, makeup, etc.  An article from Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program explains that if a teen completely changes their appearance (for the worse in your opinion) and starts developing a more rebellious image then there may be a deeper cause for alarm and a sign that there may be issues to address.

  1. Change of Peer Groups

Your teen’s circle of friends will always be important to them and it’s only natural.  Yet, according to some warning signs of troubled teen behavior may include a sudden change in their peer group, as well as staying out late at night or refusing the abide by set curfews, or avoiding the consequences of lying, and overall bad behavior.

These are only a few of the more common signs, and just because your teen demonstrates some of these points don’t necessarily spell trouble in the long run. After all, some of these behavior patterns are natural for an adolescent. Yet, as a parent, it’s vital to remain diligent and pay close attention to extreme changes in behavior. More importantly, if it begins to gets out of control, seek out a troubled teen program, an online trouble teen service, or speak to close friends or your family doctor about some of your concerns.

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