Problems with Your Teen’s Behavior? How a Troubled Teen Program can Help

It is painful for a parent to see his child going down a downward spiral that is paved by psychological issues, drug and substance abuse or criminal acts. When you feel that you have exhausted all remedies and are ready to give up, remember that this is the time when your teen needs you the most. This may be a time for you to consider outside resources, such as a therapeutic school for teens.

This type of troubled teen program can provide your teen with several benefits that can lead to his healing and to his journey towards being a happy, responsible and productive adult.

Here are some ways a troubled teen program can benefit your teen:

  • Taking the teen out of a potentially explosive environment. Disappointment, resentment, hurt and anger may already be the predominant feelings for most of the people involved. Your teen’s behavior may have already caused some damage to you, his siblings, friends and other loved ones. These friends and loved ones may already develop attitudes towards your teen that can only make things worse for the teen. Enrolling in a teen wilderness program will do both the teen and the people around him a world of good. Your teen is transported to a whole new environment while the people around him can get some rest from the negative behaviors and feelings. This gives everyone the time to have a “fresh start.”
  • Establishment of discipline and structure. You may already have given up demanding that your child follows his curfew, make his bed and do his homework. The program, with its strict schedule and rules, may just be the thing that can help establish this. The program is tied with a system of privileges and disciplinary measures. Within the program, your teen will need to comply with the standards for him to enjoy privileges and avoid corrective measures.
  • Therapy provided by professionals. Work with a troubled teen program that has a resident therapist that can provide individual and group therapy sessions.  A licensed and experienced therapist can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment strategy during your teen’s stay with the program. An objective third party who is trained in providing therapy can be more effective in guiding the child recognize his behavior and the reasons why he is doing them. The therapist can also provide your teen with the tools he needs to make the changes he needs to do.
  • Physical challenge and exercise. There is no ignoring the physical aspect of healing. Exercise does release endorphins that make one feel good. What’s more, it can do a lot for your teen’s self-esteem to see how he can meet the physical challenges thrown at him. These exercises can actually be fun, too. These activities also provide opportunities for positive social interaction and teamwork. Also, these physical challenges can help the teen see the need to work with others, to follow directions and to see the value of others.
  • Exposure to nature. Nature is therapeutic, with both physical and psychological effects. It also provides a rebellious teen with a force he could not manipulate and with an environment that responds with natural consequences of his choices. For instance, if a teen refuses to cooperate and do his assigned tasks, this can mean that the group’s tent is not set up, which will, in turn, result in his spending the night in the cold.
  • Personal responsibility.  One of the key goals of a troubled teen program is to instill in the teen an understanding of how his actions affect not just him, but others as well. The activities aim to lead the teen into a realization that he cannot blame others for the choice he makes and that he has to be the one to take responsibility.


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