Great Reasons To Keep Teens Involved in Church

Teenagers have so many facets of their lives daily. School and home life may take up the majority of their time, but extracurriculars can be a welcome break from the monotony of these long-hour activities.

Sports and clubs may seem like the obvious choice to help your troubled teen stay busy, but another option to consider is having them involved in your church. Being part of a church community is like having a second home, along with a second family, that is there to serve each other and others outside of it. See below for some great options on how to get your teenager more involved.

Get them joined in a youth group. Churches often break into smaller groups to help guide each other, based off of everything from age to gender or phases of life. A youth group for teens will be composed of peers that share interests because of their age. It’s not just a place to talk with others, though. It can be a place to meet friends, talk about theology or everyday life, and participate in projects together as well as fun activities outside of the church.

Have them participate in outreach projects. One of the main lessons for most churches is the importance of serving the community. They may choose a specific charity to support, or have a committee that arranges volunteer work for certain outreach projects throughout the year. Having your teen sign up for volunteer work on these projects will not only give them a sense of responsibility but will also show them that their hard work can make a huge difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Have them mentor younger kids. Sometimes the best way to help a teen who seems lost is to give them a purpose for others. Focusing on assisting younger kids will get their minds off of their problems, as well as lend some perspective to their lives. It can be as simple as setting up a weekly tutoring time, to having them volunteer to work at younger youth group events or be a driver when needed. Mentoring can be a powerful tool that helps both parties involved.

Start a teen book club or Bible study. Some people prefer to study the Bible privately or find the writings of other theologians to be more helpful in their understanding. Starting a monthly book club will give them not only specific times and place to meet for discussion but also a particular subject matter that they can think about and give their opinions.

If getting involved in their own church is not a possibility, or not desired, several resources can offer teen Christian programs in the area or something like a teen wilderness program that can provide a short-term escape from the everyday troubles of your teen without the hassle of missing school during the year.

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