Four Resolutions Your Teen Can Make This Year

Resolutions are a great way to start the year off right with many people. The hope of a new calendar year brings joy to those who may have been struggling through the past one and making attainable goals are an efficient way to make the new year more productive for their lives.

If your teen has been struggling, try suggesting some resolutions to them that will not only improve their lives but will also catapult their self-esteem and force them to recognize bad behavior early on, so they get back on the right track for a healthier life in the new year. See below for some great examples of resolutions your teen can make that are achievable.

Learn how to manage stress effectively. Stress is a significant factor in a teen’s life, and the pressure to be everything can become too much. They may turn to unhealthy methods of dealing with their stress, such as drugs or alcohol. A troubled teen program can help your teen to learn how to channel that stress into productive activities such as sports, clubs or volunteering. Licensed therapists can teach many coping mechanisms, and keep your troubled teen from getting too deep into bad habits.

Learn something new. Sometimes focusing on a new project or hobby is a great way to help your teen through particularly troubling times in life. Resolving to learn a new sport or skill will not only help them to keep their bodies occupied but their minds as well. Teen wilderness programs are a fantastic way to get your teen out of their natural element, and into a new environment where they can learn valuable life skills among peers in similar life situations.

Resolve to be a good example. Peer pressure is one of the most daunting experiences that teens have to deal with more than others. At this age, the need to fit in or be popular can outweigh their basic needs of staying out of trouble. On the other end of the spectrum, having your teen resolve to be a good example for others can boost their self-esteem, as well as naturally guide them towards peers of a similar mindset. Volunteering, working hard in school, and just learning to be kinder are all ways your teen can become a better example for those around him or her.

Learn how to take healthy risks. Teens engage in risky behavior because they are testing their limits, and want to see how far they go. This may include experimenting with drugs, drinking or promiscuity. Risks don’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Taking good risks, like joining a new club or reaching out to a classmate that they may have never bothered to know before can result in very positive results or new lifelong friendships.

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