Five Top Teen Christian Camps in the Country

With the warmer months coming up, and school coming to a close for the year, now may be the best time to consider sending your child to a teen Christian program at a beautiful summer camp to get things back on track before the next years of their lives.

It’s not always easy to say goodbye to children for an extended period, but if you have a troubled teen that has exhausted all of your options such as an online program for teens or even a therapeutic school for teens, a summer camp may be the best next step. See below for some of the best recommendations in the country.

Life Teen Camps. With multiple locations in Georgia and California, this Catholic camp focuses on middle school to high school aged teens. Along with regular outdoor activities, teens here will grow in their spirituality with their peers by attending Mass and having one on one counseling. This camp also sets itself apart by not being afraid to get dirty with things such as mud runs. They also offer scholarships based on parish requests.

Camp Kalaqua. Although this Florida camp allows campers ages 7 to 17, it’s a wonderful Christian camp to send your troubled teen who needs a few lessons in caring for others. This camp primarily focuses on horses, including how to ride, and more importantly how to care for these large gentle creatures. Learning how to take care of another living being through horse therapy is a proven method is helping troubled teens learn compassion that will carry on to their home lives when they return.

Grindstone Lake Bible Camp. This Minnesota camp is a great choice if you want a shorter period for the summer, as they offer one-week camps. The unique aspect of this camp is the focus on team building through such activities as capture the flag, and specific time delegated to activities within the teen’s bunk as well. This ensures they will learn how to work well with others, and grow close friendships.

Camp Willow Run. This Interdenominational camp is located in beautiful North Carolina, but that’s not its only draw. It has a railroad theme that utilizes old boxcars as cabins that will be sure to impress even the most unwillingly of participants. This camp also offers classes three times a day that the camper gets to choose in advance, so they can hone a specific set of skills that they are interested in.

Camp Olympia. This gorgeous camp located in Texas is perfect for the anxious parents who may be sending their teens away for the first time. It’s ranked as the number one camp in Texas, and with good reason. They allow a personalized experience which offers choices to the campers of their activities, and have luxury air-conditioned cabins! The best part of this camp may be for the parents, however, as they can view pictures at the end of each day of their teens through a password protected site, and keep up with their progress through blogs.

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