Choosing a Summer Camp for Troubled Teens

If you are worried that the summer and its idle days can only give more time for your teen to get into mischief, why not sign him up for teen summer camp? Some summer camps are especially designed for helping troubled teens deal with behavioral issues and grow towards the right direction.

Teen Summer Camps

Here are some reasons why this may be the thing to help your child get back on track:
– Focus on behavioral issues. These teen summer camps are designed to help teens with specific behavioral issues such as bullying, truancy, trouble with authority or substance abuse. The entire design (of the activities, the site, the rewards and correction system) are all geared towards pushing teens to see themselves in a new light. The aim is to help the teen see his worth as an individual, and to look towards the future with hope and positivity. This, in turn, will encourage the teen to work towards behavioral change.
– Availability of counseling and cognitive therapy. The troubled teen programs often provide counseling and cognitive therapy by a licensed professional. Part of the summer camp activities usually includes individual and group therapy sessions. If you also desire a spiritual component, you can also consider signing on in a teen Christian program.
– Routine, schedules and accountability. Summer camps are built with a certain structure for the day. This keeps your teen busy and draws him outside of his comfort zone. The activities also aim to challenge your child outside of his boundaries, as he gets involved with the activities.
– Physical activities. Canoeing, camping, rock climbing, rope courses, Wild River rafting, camping, hiking – these are just some of the activities that a camp may offer, depending on the program. A number of these activities also require him to work with others as a team, in order for them to succeed. The physically taxing activities are geared towards giving your teen a sense of accomplishment as he achieves a milestone or completes a challenge.
– Nature as the setting. Summer camps are set amidst the beauty and wildness of nature. This is far away from any distractions that he may have. The natural setting also helps your teen appreciate the amenities he may have taken for granted in the past. Since nature is not manipulated, your teen is faced with the consequences of his actions if he refuses to cooperate. It teaches your teen to learn how to take responsibility for his choices and actions.

Some tips in choosing a Teen Summer Camp

When choosing a teen summer camp, make your choice based on the following criteria:
– Fit. How appropriate is the program for your teen’s behavioral issues? Do you think he has the physical capability to handle the intensive challenges of the camp, if this applies? There are also animal-assisted therapy camps, if this is something you would like your teen to experience.
– Staff. Are the staff experienced and licensed to provide the kind of care your teen needs? What kind of training does the staff have? The staff should also have experience in handling teens that have problems with authority and who have behavioral issues. Is there a qualified medical staff on hand at all times?
– License. Is the camp licensed by a government agency? A license shows that the camp has passed government standards, especially in terms of safety.
– Cost. How well do the fees fit your budget? Of course, this should not be the main consideration, as you should also weigh other more important factors to ensure that you have the best camp for your teen.

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