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We know having a troubled child that is rebellious, defiant, and disrespectful can be very difficult and taxing as a parent. We offer a free service of giving you information on troubled teen programs and assist you free of charge in finding the perfect program to match your child's needs to succeed.

The first step to finding relief is determing what options are out there for you. The only service we provide is free consulting for exploring options such as troubled teen programs. Other options for a defiant teen could be counseling, family support, family therapy, boot camps, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, boarding schools, and more. Every situation is different and not one program is the best situation for everyone. Let us help you explore possibilities and answer any questions you may have.

If you want your teen to succeed from displaying behaviors in the left column and start displaying behaviors in the right column contact us today for free information.

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Choosing the Right Troubled Teen Program
Added May 16, 2016

Is your teen acting up, behaving recklessly and rebelliously? Is he endangering himself and others and getting himself into trouble with the law? Is he hard to control and has become characteristically defiant and uncooperative? Are the disciplinary measures you have implemented becoming less and less effective? It may be time to consider help your child – help that comes in the form of a troubled teen program. With the number of options available, though, how can you decide which program...Read More

Dealing with Your Teen’s Aggressive Behavior
Added May 02, 2016

You thought the outbursts and the tantrums over when your child reached his teens, only to realize that you are up for another (and far more stronger) dose of aggressive behavior. Aggression and rage can be a common response in teens, with all the hormones raging uncontrollably. Manifestations of and Reasons behind Aggression Aggression is mostly physical (hurting others, harming other people’s property or getting into fistfights), but it can also be passive (glaring, temper outbursts, surl...Read More