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We know having a troubled child that is rebellious, defiant, and disrespectful can be very difficult and taxing as a parent. We offer a free service of giving you information on troubled teen programs and assist you free of charge in finding the perfect program to match your child's needs to succeed.

The first step to finding relief is determing what options are out there for you. The only service we provide is free consulting for exploring options such as troubled teen programs. Other options for a defiant teen could be counseling, family support, family therapy, boot camps, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, boarding schools, and more. Every situation is different and not one program is the best situation for everyone. Let us help you explore possibilities and answer any questions you may have.

If you want your teen to succeed from displaying behaviors in the left column and start displaying behaviors in the right column contact us today for free information.

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After the Troubled Teen Program: Now What?
Added July 01, 2015

Your teen is coming home after completing a teen wilderness program or a troubled teen residential program. There are feelings of relief and joy (“My child is coming home at last!”). However, these are mixed with feelings of trepidation and anxiety (“Will he go back to his old ways? How long will the improvement last?”). The fear that your child’s return home will also signal his return to old attitudes, habits and addictions is understandable. There is a risk that your child will ...Read More

When Your Child is the Bully
Added June 15, 2015

Bullying is not a problem that we can ignore or dismiss. Bullying can come be verbal (insults or name calling), physical (threatening or hurting the victim) and even emotional (exclusion or intimidation). The emotional and physical effects of bullying can cause scars that will take a lot of time to heal. In some cases, bullying has proved fatal when some teens would rather end their life than face another day with the bullies at school. It is important to note that if there are victims on on...Read More