Featured Troubled Teen Programs

We know having a troubled child that is rebellious, defiant, and disrespectful can be very difficult and taxing as a parent. We offer a free service of giving you information on troubled teen programs and assist you free of charge in finding the perfect program to match your child's needs to succeed.

The first step to finding relief is determing what options are out there for you. The only service we provide is free consulting for exploring options such as troubled teen programs. Other options for a defiant teen could be counseling, family support, family therapy, boot camps, wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, boarding schools, and more. Every situation is different and not one program is the best situation for everyone. Let us help you explore possibilities and answer any questions you may have.

If you want your teen to succeed from displaying behaviors in the left column and start displaying behaviors in the right column contact us today for free information.

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Spending time outdoors in the warmer months requires some forethought, but spending an entire evening or more can require valuable life skills that won’t be taught on their own. If you want to ensure your kids will learn practical knowledge about basic survival, camping overnight is a great way to teach them lessons that will carry on throughout their lives, be it in the outdoors or in their careers. Learning to prepare, and strategize. Where you are going to camp, how long it will take t...Read More

How to Tell if Your Teen Has Trouble in School
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Teenagers are never short of drama, but learning to discern between a little normal angst and a real cause for concern can a be a lifesaver for your child, and your family. Paying attention to the warning signs, and more importantly - intervening as early as possible - might be the only way you can take control of your child when he or she thinks their lives are spiraling in the opposite direction. Look for these basic signs to see if you really have anything to worry about. A change in their ...Read More