Integrity House

Integrity House

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P O Box 21
Cedar City, Utah 84721
(866) 586-8336

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Integrity House knows that the adolescent years can be difficult. They are filled with uncertainty and lack of direction that leaves one feeling a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, wondering if life will ever get better. Integrity House is a licensed & accredited residential treatment center for troubled teenage girls, ages 12-17, who are experiencing difficulties within their homes, schools, or community. Integrity House is located in Cedar City, Utah, in the picturesque “Color Country” of Southern Utah. The Mission Statement of Integrity House is to provide teenage girls with the tools needed to make smart choices and build healthy relationships throughout their lives. The philosophy of the program uses an approach to modify behavior patterns to set a foundation for change . One objective of Integrity House is to provide a safe, positive environment where each teenager is able to learn and apply the values of responsibility, respect for authority, self respect and self motivation.

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Don’t believe all the negative Integrity House reviews you see online. Check this place out for yourself and make up your own mind. That’s what my sister did when she was looking for a place to improve her daughter’s behavior, and Integrity House did a great job! Before my niece went into the Integrity House RTC, she was doing all kinds of stupid stuff, like skipping school, stealing stuff from stores, doing drugs, etc. She disrespected my sister all the time. My sister finally had enough of it. She put her daughter in the Integrity House Utah facility, and her daughter eventually saw the light. She stayed at Integrity House for about a year. When she got out, she started acting right, avoiding trouble and doing better in school.

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