What Summer Military Programs Can Teach Your Teen

When trying to decide how to help a troubled teen in your life, there are so many options that it can become overwhelming. Fortunately, summer is the perfect opportunity to take some steps towards helping your troubled teen get their life back on track before starting a new chapter the next fall.

Searching for the right troubled teen program is important, and one that may come across your research are teen military programs. This may sound extreme but see below for some great things that your teen can learn at a military camp that may make it the right choice for you and your teen’s future.

They offer structure in an outside of the home environment. Even though they will offer a place away from the everyday life (and possible everyday struggles) of your teen’s home and school life during the regular year, they also offer teens much needed structure and routine. Staying busy in a productive way is a great way for your teen to focus on tasks at hand while being able to escape their regular stressors that may be leading to their troubling behavior.

They can build a sense of accomplishment. Military programs are often built on a reward system, where merit earns things such as leadership promotions or privileges. This teaches your teen a sense of accomplishment, much like a summer job would do. Earning things instead of being handed them is a great way to rid your teen of entitlement, and teach them the value of working hard to improve in life.

They require teamwork. One thing military camps can teach that others may not be able to is to the rely on others when trying to reach a common goal. Teamwork is one of the main basics of these programs, and teens are forced to learn to work with others if they want to accomplish something. This will also teach valuable leadership skills or the power to delegate tasks that will come in handy during the school year with team sports or with group projects.

They build physical fitness. Military camps are often known for their tough physical programs, particularly those that teach in a boot camp style. While it may seem hard at first, these repetitive exercises will help your teen to build endurance, and reach physical milestones they may not have believed possible at first. This will help to build confidence, strength and a belief in one’s self, as well as prepare them for the physical challenges of the school year, particularly in sports.

They can teach your teen to listen. Military programs are built off of a command system, with leadership trickling down to those who have earned it. By starting at the bottom, your teen will learn to listen and take direction, and also how to give direction themselves. Listening skills will be helpful when dealing with other people of authority such as teachers or parents.